Kamagra Oral Jelly is the world’s first Sildenafil Jelly, which was specifically formulated to be easier to digest and to treat Erectile Dysfunction or ED, the same way Viagra does, but at a fraction of the cost.

Kamagra oral jelly is an anti-ED medication that is encased in a gel like capsule, easing the swallowing process. It has exactly the same active ingredient as its tablet counterpart. Since the jelly is gel based, it is digested quicker and more conveniently in your body. The quicker the jelly fuses the faster you will obtain the desired result.

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How the medication works

This treatment works by filling up the blood vessels in the penis with blood and walla, an erection ensues. Just like its hard counterpart, the jelly reduces the activity of PDE5-phosphodiesterase, which is an enzyme found in the penis. The main responsibility of the enzyme is to increase removal of blood from the penis. When the activity of PDE5-phosphodiesterase is reduced, more blood remains in the penis.

The accumulation of blood in the penis results to an erection that usually lasts longer. For ideal results, experts recommend that you should let the drug dissolve in the mouth before you swallow it. Also, to achieve erections much faster, you should be sexually stimulated.

Uses of the Drug

The main use of the medication is in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. By aiding in filling of the penis with blood, the drug brings about the much needed erection. In addition to aiding in treatment of erectile dysfunction, the medication is also used in the treatment of diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

Points to Note When Taking the Medication

Take heed that this jelly is identical to other treatments for ED, such as Viagra; therefore, all precautions that are observed with the other erectile dysfunction drugs should also be observed with the jelly. If you suffer an allergic reaction, or experience side effects with other anti-erectile dysfunction medications, then it is highly recommended you consult with your Doctor before deciding to buy Kamagra Oral Jelly. To be on the safe side, when taking the jelly, always observe the necessary precautions. Also, be wary of the side effects associated with the jelly.

Before you take Sildenafil, you should ensure that you consult your doctor. You should note that the jelly is not meant for everyone: there are some people who react with it. When you notify your doctor before you take the medication, the physician will test you and determine if you are fit to take the jelly.

Consulting the physician aids in eliminating cases of irresponsible side effects that may come up as a result of self prescription. Another thing to note is that if you are a taking a citrate based medication for example, one that is usually prescribed to patients suffering from chest infections, you should not take the jelly on the same day that you are taking the citrate based medication. This is because the two medications may interfere with each others actions. This may result to either or both of the medications being ineffective in their working.

Benefits of the Jelly

Obviously the first benefit of the jelly is that it corrects erectile dysfunction. Due to this, more men are able to satisfy their women. In essence it will also boost self esteem and self confidence. Another benefit is that it comes in a jelly, so therefore it makes it easier to swallow and digest. To take the medication all you need to do is to place the medication on your tongue and the medication will dissolve on its own.

Since the medication is soft, it can be taken by even the older men who find it difficult to take the harder pills. Also, the soft jelly dissolves much faster than the harder pill. This means that results are obtained much faster when taking the softer pill.

The other benefit of consuming the Sildenafil jelly is that it comes in different flavors, therefore you can take the jelly that is in the flavor of your choice. The final benefit is that the jelly is much cheaper compared to other erectile dysfunction medications. The main reason why the jelly is cheaper is because it’s manufactured in India where the costs of manufacture are usually lower. You should note that the cheaper cost does not mean that the jelly is of a lower quality.


Although, Kamagra oral jelly is effective in correcting erectile dysfunction, to reap full benefits, you should ensure that you buy the jelly from a reputable store. As rule of thumb, you should buy your jelly from a store that is well known. This is because well known stores usually stock the best and high quality products.